Public Transport

June 2015

NCT Nottingham

Showing the Google search info gives you their website, Facebook and Twitter links – these will be added individually soon!

Of course the Company’s websites will have Facebook and Twitter icons (small pics – an F and a T in blue!) clearly showing!

To have regular updates zooming into your own info, you will need your own Facebook and Twitter accounts – and then ‘like’ or ‘follow’ theirs. To create these you will need an email address that can then verify your registration.

Nottinghamshire County Council has a transport and travel page as there are several providers.

The NET (tram)

East Midlands Trains

Taxi’s Google search Nottingham

Please note, although there are cool discounts on Buses and the Tram, for individuals and groups, in our Greater Nottingham area (£4.50 combined providers):- An ordinary one day return busfare outside of the ‘Greater Nottingham’ map area will cost £3.50 on NCT buses and £6.00 on most of the others, making £9.00 for a days travel.

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