The Political Landscape

Just a few links … This Info was planned to be on a Twitter Tweet using Twitlonger but that didn’t work so sorry folks it ended up on the blog!


Parliament UK Political Representation pre 2015 Gen Election (hoping its ok to put a page ref that isnt the Master page)

Marginal Seats search Results on Parl UK website = pdf for 2005

Marginal Seats pdf 2010
(§see note at the foot of this info)

Labour link

Conservative Link

Lib Dems

The Greens


Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

SNP (Scottish National Party)

Plaid Cymru


Big Soz NIreland – have no idea what Political Parties to search for. (If you are voting for Candidates in N Ireland Constituencies please check the area have a vote for.


Internet Search 21 April Results (links are long and via an android ph – hope they work on all devices) Will they keep the 21st April info or change? Thats all dependent on Google, their update system, and Internet searching patterns. Just a diversion to watch to see what happens with Internet links.




Lib Dems…0…

Green Party…0…


Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)…20150.34185.0.35328.…0…


Plaid Cymru


Political Parties in NIreland search results link…0…

UK Parliament website search – Marginal Seats results (includes supermarkets for some ‘strange’ reason

We Essentially ‘Common Folk’ have Universal Franchise (everyone of voting age has a vote) and have an ethical reason for being as informed as ‘we’ choose. kk. Sadly there isn’t much Common Land left in the EMids or the UK.

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