JobSearch Co. Links

These links aren’t checked to see if they are up to date – but they are a good start for info collecting.

    Employer websites

if you have others please send them via comments.

The East Midlands Councils shared service job vacancy website (registration cv covering letters etc)

Teaching Vacancy websites

TES highwire

AppTrackSys/ATS_Job_Seekers.aspx TES Higher

Nottingham Trent Uni

New College Nottingham
human_resources/job_vacancies/index.html New College Nottingham

Bilborough College

Nottingham University

Central College Derby University

Leicester Uni colleges

Hi wire

MS_Index.aspx Loughborough Uni


Lincoln Uni


East Mids Councils (all in one jobsearch)

Broxtowe council

A couple of Leisure and Tourism

National Trust function_id=14296&resp_id=23350&resp_appl_id=800&security_group_id=0〈_code=US&params=cX5nnTUXRGAGQyVm99xz5vfMxkXX3xaL8sTFWqUJx0Qjq7zan.hi0f94UBh2QJsT&oas=xg84f5ZMtpkBbUWuhpGK2A..


Nottingham Net Trams (the Nottingham Jobs website is on the Seeking Employment Page)

East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Trains

Trent Barton Buses

English Heritage

Civil Service

Local Tourism and Interest Goups

Experience Nottinghamshire

trade/about-us/careers Notts Wildlife


Private Sector Local Companies

Rolls Royce



Siemens company=Siemens&career_ns=job_listing_summary&navBarLevel=JOB_SEARCH&_s.crb=H6bDbCTi8E%2boj7dGL%2bSJ5y0EJ2A%3d



GT News

Deaf Alerter Alarms

More Charities


Centre Parcs

This is not a definitive job seeking advice page – but it will help you get started, the aim is to keep it relatively well maintained but if there are opportunities for it to be altered by anyone unscrupulous as wifi links from public wifi systems are not 100% secure – there may be alterations. The information will however still basically hold good and give any job seeker an idea of how to go about a comprehensive search.

Its useful to have some kind of timetable to organise a search as there are so many different agencies, online systems etc and CV’s and profiles can be moved or deleted without warning (e.g. the council shared services in the East Midlands who moved all the profiles without any warning to a new website and did not transfer the info – and still don’t migrate the profile info into applications!

Theres a Nottingham Post top 100 Nottingham jobs list if you search on google – but the links aren’t click through to the websites at the moment – eventually there will be a page on this blog with the click through links to home pages as the Olympic committee did reliably advise that home page links do not break copyright, it will however take a couple of weeks during early 2015 – its taking a long time as job seeking is full time!

Resources are also being made for teaching Business Studies – updating the top Company Case Study info as they are changing Co names and mergers and buyouts are happening faster than textbooks can keep up! Plus updating knowledge on the perpetually changing teaching key stages and Specifications.

Have you personally thought of going to Uni or becoming a Teaching Assistant? There are lots of University options and Teaching Assistants are needed to assist in schools

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