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It’s ok to Vote in the UK. It’s ok to be able to Read and Write in the UK.

But a cross to vote was because everyone didn’t used to have the right to education and reading and writing.

Thats pretty outrageous.

Being one of the lucky ones with family who could afford school is cool – but wasn’t necessarily enough: there was Demarcation – a dividing line on class structures dictating who could do what – not a concept to return to.

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Retail Banking (folks, salaries in, payments to stores – Stores cashflow) isn’t really popular with the money making folk – they prefer money to stay in the bank at the Employer lending (lent to) level and be repaid rather than include the workers cycle.

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News stories about BGS | British Geological Survey (BGS)

Commercial tobacco crops from america for players – Google Search – Players, Imperial Tobacco were such a huge world power through Sport Advertising as well as products.

Perhaps Alliance Boots too.…18899.42518.0.43430.…0…

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The problem of seemingly incomprehensible stupidity on the part of Gov’ts and immediate problem solving – Is this true? What repercussions are there for our world that obviously turns every 24 hours.

How much money would the world spend for this seeming craziness?

What would be the consequences for an environmental balance across all communities, countries?

Who is monitoring it all?

Volcano’s and Earthquakes, Tsunami’s are natural disasters – lets hope we aren’t making man made ones.

How do we have enough water across the world to stop starvation etc etc.

The world questions just can’t be solved by one small Govt.

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