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June 2015

A complete ‘revamp’ will occur if Community Groups would like their own pages!

Evolving into a proper Community set of Info with Sporty and other links. Updates from local groups welcome – pages can be added for your group and email info regularly uploaded!

Check also

for other blogs and info!


Check the 2012 Wollaton Vale Pages and subsequent change to all of Wollaton

(long dreary exlpanation follows, useful possibly if you are thinking of volunteering at Community Centres)

This blog was initially not a public website-info source at all and was made as a private collection of info for the Wollaton Vale Community Centre when the ‘Lead Organisation’ concept was first floated and it was necessary to attend meetings to support the Community Centre at Wollaton Vale (and other Community Centres attended with their representatives).

The amount of knowledge that a volunteer had to assimilate was quite mind boggling in a really short space of time – the Neighbourhood Officers helped but their role changed too and the support to access all the different criteria involved in running a Community Centre needed to be easily available.

The pages in the Vale Community set are not all complete and some have no links but they do provide some kind of perception of the world of Community Involvement and potential for info on groups.

As there was no means of making the Volunteer posts part time, at the Vale full time or paid in any way the blog evolved into a potential for all the Wollaton Community Centres, further development of the collection of info will be as and when… Please forward page info for your Centre.

This folliwing blog link following was made in a similar way to collect relevant information links that might be useful. There is another word resource document that can be uploaded shortly. Oct 2014

Make what you can of the info if you are involved with Community Centres or Volunteering its truly beset with potential problems and needs a organisation behind it e.g. The Wildlife Trusts but sadly this has gone with Council cutbacks and that role is now with the ‘middlefolk’ in the ‘lead’ organisations or the Community Centre Charity Organisations.

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