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Seeking PAYE Employment

Good Links – Agency links


PAYE or Self Employment?


(The type that allows you to depend on benefit if it goes wrong and builds contributions through National Insurance towards a State Pension. Please note Self Employment may mean if things go wrong you may not be entitled to benefit so seek info from the Citizens Advice or other reliable sources on any plans you may have – Self Employment NI contributions seemingly do not build contributions towards a State Pension at Retirement Age irrespective of the amount of NI paid.)

The online web-search …Complicated and if you are not used to the Internet – it can be confusing.

It’s no joke to try to find a new job or get back into employment if the worst happens to your current job/employment or if you are trying to find employment for the first time especially in the current economic climate. The info below is aimed at helping with the first few steps.

Its worth knowing Employment Agencies are helpful if you are already in work or have a reference in the last six months – beyond that, as they are profit making companies themselves and looking for commission payments for their own running costs they may not help the long term unemployed ie out of work for over 6 months as they consider references over six months old not the best kind.

Writing CV’s

One of the best sites for those people who have had a reasonably long career and are prepared to read the website carefully is

If you are Younger and just starting out (link only)

The modern approach is to have just a one page CV that can be handed out (it’s really a resume) and will be simple to upload to online job search sites.

Again – It can be really difficult finding a new career or a new job – so please bear in mind the information that follows is by no means the ‘correct’ or ‘right’ way to job seek –

Please make sure anything that the local job centre advisors and consultants (and also the job plus consultants) want you to do is complied with.

The most important site is the Government Job Searching website

    The Job Centre’s website

This site must be kept up to date it’s really important you use it regularly and keep making applications.

The Job Seekers-Social Security office will require you to register and keep up to date info and applications each day on their own website (some vacancies click through to CV Library, Monster and other agencies – some allow you to apply on the universal jobmatch).

    Universal Jobmatch site (no updates happen from applications made on the website)

The cv upload on universal jobmatch doesn’t result in a cool cv but has to be used regularly to obtain benefit – and this is really silly – they don’t send email confirmations of job applications either.


Obviously they need to place people quickly and collect their commission and make a profit, most of them have online registration websites where you upload your CV and fill in a profile.

They allow you to search your criteria (type of job – keyword … location – post code and travel distance … salary etc) and then setup email alerts where emails fly into your inbox with the search results on the timescale you set.

Examples are Reed, Elizabeth Michael.

    Online Job Seeking Websites

CV Library, Indeed, Monster

These collect job vacancy info from all around the UK and you can create a profile, add a set of covering letters and then carry out a job search and apply simply.

The quality of the CV that goes on the profile is important – a good tip is to create information in text boxes vertically down a page of Microsoft word and upload it to the profile – this way you can ensure your info is in the correct order. Some of these profiles can cope with ordinary CV’s with info across the page but many cannot.

    The Nottingham Evening Post job website

It is a really useful site and you can make a profile on here and receive email alerts – that’s info on your type of jobs directly into your email inbox.


Registration – for all the types of job seeking site above (Uni Jobmatch, Agencies and Online Job Seeking websites)

Both the Agency and the Online Job Seeking websites will need you to register.
To do this you will need an email address of your own – you register using your own email address (it is simple to make one on either google-mail or outlook or even just follow the instructions remember the password you choose please)

When you have your email address you can use this register on the Agency website or the online job seeking website.

To ‘verify’ your registration it is necessary to check your own emails (including the spam folder) for the incoming verification email that the Agency or Online Job Seeking site sends you and click on the link in their email – once you have verified your registration your account it should be ready to use

Have a CV and a couple of covering letters ready to upload (if they dont take dot.docx as a microsoft word file you can save it to word 2007 on your own computer as a second copy and try uploading that instead)

Then Try the individual Company websites and their vacancy pages – there is a starter list on another blog page

Some Employer websites have profiles to create and some want you to download application forms and fill them in and return them – or fill in applications online. Some allow repeat applications using the same information.

Some appear to allow repeat applications and then you find your profile does not migrate the info into their application form.

    Duplicated (Triplicated etc etc) Job Vacancy Adverts

As the online websites and the Agencies trawl the internet for vacancies and large employers register with multiple organisations ie the Online Websites and Agencies, you can find that the same job vacancy is advertised in lots (and it is lots) of different websites.

The most practical system to apply is therefore to choose from the online job vacancy websites and only use one or two. If you search using ‘any’ as your criteria in a distance radius you will find all the jobs on the website you are searching. If you make some email alerts from the agencies the suitable jobs for you will fly into your email inbox at the times you specify.

This way you can avoid making multiple applications to the same employer via different agencies and online job application websites.

Another problem can be – You can see a job on Universal Jobmatch for example and find it won’t let you apply for whatever reason and you could then search say cv library and find it there and apply – and update the Uni Jobmatch Activity history


    You may find this really expensive or difficult to find – the options are

    The Job Centre (they have wifi now)
    The Library – local or city (they have wifi)
    Your own internet account – either monthly paid or pay as you go by card or voucher from a local co-op or shop
    The Job Centre Plus – check with your advisor.

    Give out CV’s

    Send Speculative Letters.

    A job search is supposed to take 30 hours a week if you are in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance

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