Posted by: wollypark | April 22, 2015

Twitter List including Parl Candidates

Nottm S. Parliamentary Candidates or Parties and a few other Twitter Accs with local info.

To see the twitter list you will need a Twitter account – you can make one easily with an email address of your own that you can access to click on the email twitter will send to verify the new account. Twitter is free and really useful as short messages can be sent and received and cascaded and info can be collected from other accounts by ‘folliwing’!/wollaton_nottm/local

So … we are Just Trying ‘Social Media politics’ to see how it goes …

After asking a Q to each Candidate’s or Party’s twitter early Wednesday; only Lillian Greenwood (Lab) has answered within the day.

Also asking a Q of the Green Party Candidate on Facebook (link on the Wollypark blog 

via a message, a short exchange of views and Q’s has happened.

NB. There are no UK MP’s until after the General Election as Parliament has been dissolved. There are only Prospective Candidates for MP’s.

There is no Broadcasting law or Data Protection law or Privacy law which allows comments on individual people (who are not standing for public office) to be quoted or discussed without their permission in writing – unless the info is relevant to National Importance

i.e. Ordinary people are not participating in real life soap opera opportunities for polititians.

If given an opportunity to make a short video, or invited to speak to a microphone this probably constitutes permission.

Workplace information is Data Protected.

Making a blog or twitter list or retweeting, messaging is meant for the Followers and although marked Public is still not transferable to mainstream media without permission. Retweets, Reblogs on similar media are ok.


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